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—Time of Your Life.—

I'm Billy. I'm Cambodian & proud. San Jose area born and raised. I don't have social life so this paradise. I blog about anything that comes to mind. Don't complain or you can unfollow simple as that. I don't follow back unless I want to or I like your blog. Kik: thatkidbillmeas instagram: thatkidbillmeas

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Kills self
June 28, 2014 
The day I got to present myself for the first time, I was a little shaky but I shook her hand she cracked a couple jokes then she pulled out her phone to record herself as well as me finally meeting face to face, the creator of the blog. She Handed me an Exclusive “Riel” grey snapback that has been recently been released personally signed by her. Minutes of talking to her was just amazing. This that reads "Billy, your love is so amazing, words can’t express how happy you made me."  Truly means alot because she loves the blog I put time into & dedicated dearly, “Fuckyeahrielworld” on tumblr. I will treasure this for as long it can be. I won’t be seeing her again until next time but at least I know I made a great first impression, best moment of my life. Thank you.. while it lasted. Dannie Riel approves.